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Job Posted August 30, 2017
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Head of Product Development  

The Head of Product Development is responsible for developing, implementing and managing of the project. The Project should provide a differentiated competitive edge to secondary school students and university under-graduates by delivering internationally accredited skills through a user-friendly, cost effective, blended learning delivery model. The manager will be responsible for prototype creation and testing for the next phases of the project, as well as completing the development of the product, acceptance testing and launches across the various regions. Key Responsibilities: • Identify, acquire, groom and maintain a high quality workforce for the project working closely with the HR department • Creation of the product architecture for the next phases of the Project • Detail the Development Plan • Drafting a business plan for the product including costs, pricing, broad launch timelines, etc. • Decide on Certification Partners if needed • Review the various technology platforms • Launch the prototype, validate assumptions, ...

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