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Capital Mortgage jobs

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Abu Dhabi

Job Posted September 26, 2018

Real Estate Broker  

Job description / Role • Partner with clients to buy, sell and rent real estate properties within the target market you have identified • Advise clients on prices, mortgages, market conditions, and other related information • Compare properties to determine a competitive market price • Generate lists of properties for sale, including details such as location and features • Promote properties through advertisements, open houses, and listing services • Take prospective buyers or renters to see properties • Mediate negotiations between the buyer and seller • Ensure all terms of purchase contracts are met • Ensure that all real estate transactions initiated are in complete compliance with the applicable laws and regulations relating to the purchase, sale or lease of a property
Requirements: • Proven working experience as a real estate broker • Minimum 3 years’ working experience in real estate in UAE (leasing, buying & selling of properties) • ...

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