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Job Posted December 18, 2017

Virtualization Engineer  

Job description / Role At DarkMatter, we are hiring ... highly motivated, proactive, and innovative and love the opportunity to solve complex problems and take on new challenges. You will be supporting, maintaining and implementing the global infrastructure that's powers our organizations growth and services. You take security and operational processes seriously, and are excited to stretch your technical boundaries by embracing change that expands and secures our capabilities. You will have expert knowledge in VDI virtualization and systems administration and enterprise servers You will be expected to keep abreast of industry trends/best practices for use in strategic and/or tactical planning and conduct IT research, analyze and synthesize information; anticipating business needs and its application to systems processes and potential solutions. In this role, you will: - Support, maintain, enhance and implement Virtualization & server technologies - Seek ways to continuously improve services, technologies, processes through automation and - Maintain uptime, ...

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